'Do The Right Thing:' NJ Police Ask For Return Of Money That Fell From Brinks Truck

December 14, 2018 - 1:48 pm

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (WCBS 880) -- About $11,000 has been returned since an armored truck dumped cash onto a New Jersey highway during the morning rush hour Thursday, but police are still trying to get back the nearly $300,000 that remains missing.

Cash came raining down around 8:30 a.m. Thursday in the westbound lanes of Route 3 in East Rutherford near MetLife Stadium when two bags containing a total of $510,000 fell from a Brinks truck that apparently had a problem with the locking device on one of its doors. 

There were two car crashes as drivers stopped to grab the money. Videos posted to social media showed people ditching their cars to snatch up the cash. A man in uniform, believed to be the Brinks truck driver, could also be seen running through traffic trying to collect the money.

"A lot of people they got money, serious money, not me, the money floated by and I just picked up a couple," said Joe La who collected four $5 bills. But he turned them in at the East Rutherford Police Department saying simply, "It's not my money."

Police said Brinks employees and motorists were able to recover about $205,000 from the roadway. Approximately $294,000 is still missing.

Capt. Phillip Taormina warns that people with the lost cash can be charged with theft if the money's not returned. 

"If you have money connected to this incident do the right thing and bring it in to our police headquarters or give us a call and we will arrange pick up," he said.

Detectives will be using videos and photos to track down cars and people.