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Security Camera At Hartford Pool Was Not Working When Teen Boy Drowned

July 05, 2018 - 9:22 am

HARTFORD, Conn. (WCBS 880) -- A security camera that detects trespassers was not working when a 16-year-old boy drowned after sneaking into a Connecticut city pool for an after-hours swim with friends.

Authorities said the boy was among 20 teens who climbed a 10-foot fence at Keney Park pool sometime after it had closed Tuesday.

His friends fled when they wrongly thought police were on the way, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin.

The boy's family reported him missing and police didn't find his body until early Wednesday morning.

"All of our prayers and thoughts as a city are with the mother, the family and the friends of this young man," said Bronin.

A security camera that had been installed at the pool last year was not working at the time and police couldn't see that the teen had drowned. Bronin said the modem associated with the camera had failed due to the extreme heat.

"We wish that camera system had been up and running," Bronin said. "We can't tell you whether having that camera system up and running would've prevented it or not but it certainly would've made it less likely."

In wake of the tragedy, the mayor is pleading with the public not to trespass.

"It is very, very dangerous to hop over the fence and to swim in those pools when they're not guarded especially after dark so we ask for everyone's help," Bronin said. "It is inherently a danger to life to swim in our pools after they are closed, when there are no lifeguards on duty, it is very dangerous to try to scale the fence and jump in to the pools."

The camera has been fixed and police will now conduct routine patrols of pools looking for trespassers.