2 Arrested After Video Shows Man Urinating On NJ Boy's Memorial

May 20, 2019 - 12:03 pm

MAYS LANDING, N.J. (WCBS 880) – Police in New Jersey have arrested two men after disturbing video surfaced of one of them allegedly urinating on a memorial for a young boy who died from brain cancer.

The Snapchat video shows a man urinating on the memorial marker for Christian Clopp, a 9-year-old who passed away from an inoperable brain tumor in 2012.

The men can be heard laughing in the video, which was recorded at Underhill Park in Mays Landing.

At one point, one of them is heard saying “in memory” as the man urinates on the plaque, which features an image of the boy.

Bryan Bellace and Daniel Flippen, both 23, were charged Sunday, Hamilton police said.

Bellace, who allegedly urinated on the memorial, was charged with lewdness, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, and a violation of a local ordinance prohibiting open containers of alcohol in parks.

Flippen, who allegedly filmed the incident, was also accused of violating the alcohol ordinance.

Christian’s father, Mark Clopp, made several posts on Facebook about the incident. In one he addresses the suspects directly.

“I don’t know either one of you. I have no idea what exists in your life to make you so indifferent to how others feel but I hope this serves as a wake up call and you get the help you need,” Clopp wrote. “I admit, my initial reaction was to find you and beat you senseless in defense of my son’s honor and the distress you caused my family. I am better than that.”

Clopp also thanked members of the community, who banded together to clean the area.

"Those who went to clean the playground: You are the glue that holds this community together. Your actions were kind, thoughtful and selfless," he wrote.

Clopp says he sought to find the positive in the face of something so unthinkable.

"When Christian’s plaque was being made for the playground, I chose the words carefully. 'A child who made the world a better place through his courage, faith, smile, laughter and love of others. May your memory and inspiration live on forever,'" Clopp wrote. "Once again, that 9 year old boy brought a community together."