Jones Beach air show

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200,000 Pack Jones Beach For Bethpage Air Show

May 26, 2019 - 6:11 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Hundreds of thousands of people packed Jones Beach on Sunday for the 16th annual Bethpage Air Show.

The beach was filled to capacity before noon. Some 200,000 people turned out amid Memorial Day weekend weather that was as perfect as the Thunderbirds in the sky.

“When those jets go by, you feel the vibration concuss right through your chest,” one man said as he watched the aircraft glide through the sky at 500 mph.

Another spectator, Sean, said it made him feel like a kid again.

“Get the nostalgia, and just like the ‘anything is possible’ feeling,” he said.

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As for the people who fly the jets, Thunderbirds public affairs officer Ray Geoffroy told WCBS 880’s Mack Rosenberg what the pilots are feeling up in the air.

“Are they used to it at this point, where they can just do it, like riding a bike?” Rosenberg asked.

“Well certainly you never want to get complacent when you’re flying 500 mph with a bunch of aluminum next to you about three feet apart,” Geoffroy said. “There’s a lot of excitement involved, a lot of focus, a lot of precision.”

David Windmiller flies the Zivko Edge 540 aerobatic aircraft. He’s been doing it for 38 years.

“We get to do a lot of crazy things that aren’t supposed to be done in airplanes, like tumbles and flips, and all kinds of really cool stuff like that,” he said.