New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza

Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office

7 NYC Council Members Call On De Blasio To Fire Schools Chancellor

June 17, 2019 - 2:02 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Seven members of the New York City Council are asking Mayor Bill de Blasio to consider firing Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza over what they call his divisive rhetoric.

"Ever since he came in over a year ago, Chancellor Carranza has really kind of divided the city," said City Council member Robert Holden. 

Holden said Carranza's efforts to diversify the classroom and administrators have gone too far.

"We're going down a slippery slope here in dividing the city," Holden said.

He cites several examples in a letter written to de Blasio that has now been co-signed by six other City Council members.

Holden said among the questionable episodes are Carranza hiring "his cronies" without a formal search, calling on white parents to get implicit bias training, a recent lawsuit filed by three Department of Education officials who claim they were demoted because they're white and a job posting from a school district that said it was looking for teachers of color.

"We don't do that, it's against the law too," Holden said.

Carranza defended himself at a recent press conference saying, "There are forces in this city that want me to be the good minority and just be quiet. Don't say a word. Don't bring the race issue up."

"I will not be silenced, I will not be quiet," Carranza added.

The mayor's office is backing him up, calling Holden's letter a racially-charged smear campaign.

A spokesperson for de Blasio said the mayor stands fully behind Carranza and that anyone supporting Holden's effort should be ashamed.