MTA: Subway Protests Over Fares, Police Cost Taxpayers $100,000

AP News
February 08, 2020 - 3:53 pm
NYPD subway

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images


NEW YORK (AP) -- The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has announced that damage from protests in New York last week cost taxpayers $100,000.

WABC reports the agency responded to protests on Thursday, saying while they respect freedom of speech, demonstrators caused significant damage.

Let’s not get it twisted... NYPD counter-insurgency and scare tactics won’t stop the FTP movement or it’s diversity of tactics. In fact, FTP continues to grow with autonomous actions, everyday hopping and holding and other modes of fare evasion. COME ON NOW... politicians are now calling for free transit, riding the wave. When TikTok is producing beautiful content it means you, the youth are on board, and that’s difficult to beat — See, it is our moment. And to that we say fuck OMNY, NYPD, MTA, the GOVERNOR, and the MAYOR. The four demands will be met, and in the meantime prepare for #FTP4. -- :: (video via them 2); rest of images autonomous. -- :: Ashes 2 Ashes by @officialkingvega.

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The MTA faced a flurry of protests last week across dozens of its stations in the city's five boroughs over the heavy presence of police and the city's crack down on fare evasion.

Police are still searching for people who were caught on camera using a hammer to smash property as well as those responsible for pouring glue into MetroCard readers.