'69 Met Shamsky's Book Details Visit With Seaver

April 01, 2019 - 6:30 pm

By Joey Wahler

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Nearly two years ago, Met World Champion Art Shamsky joined Jerry Koosman, Bud Harrelson and Ron Swoboda, visiting ex-teammate and Hall of Famer Tom Seaver at his wine vineyard in Calistoga, California. At age 74, Seaver now suffers from dementia.

"It was just a marvelous day, and Tom was feeling OK, he had some memory lapses and he had Lyme disease for over 20 years and it really took its toll on him physically," Shamsky said. 

In part of Shamsky's new book, "After the Miracle: The Lasting Brotherhood of the '69 Mets," the former first baseman-outfielder details that Seaver visit. Even to ex-teammates, the man called "The Franchise" remains larger than life.

"He won 311 games in his career and in 207 or 208 of those games that he started he gave up one runner less in seven innings, I mean guys don't even pitch seven innings anymore," Shamsky said.

During the reunion, Seaver got emotional discussing his mentor, late Mets Manager Gil Hodges. All the teammates swapping war stories and needling each other, like a half century ago.

"We spent eight or nine hours of this wonderful, magical day reminiscing and talking about that season and how important it was for all of us to be part of that team and what we did to help people get through some tough times," Shamsky said.

Parting with Seaver, Shamsky wondered if he'll ever see "Tom Terrific" again.

"When we said goodbye I must tell you I had a little twinge and a little kind of teary-eyed a little bit because you just don't know. It was bittersweet for me," Shamsky said.

Part Two with Shamsky next Monday discussing the '69 Mets.