New Bail Reform Law In NY Having Effect On Anti-Semitic Cases

Steve Burns
December 29, 2019 - 2:37 pm

iStock/Getty Images


NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – New York judges are already following the state’s new bail reform law, and it’s had an impact on a recent series of anti-Semitic attacks in New York City.

The NYPD has made arrests in three attacks against Jewish people in the past week.

In two of those cases, the suspect has been released with no bail, according to the New York Post.

The third suspect was alleged to have caused physical injury and was ordered to be held.

Judges are already taking into account the new bail reform law that goes into effect on Jan. 1.

The law eliminates cash bail for most non-violent offenses. That’s already had a noticeable effect on the city’s jail population, which has dropped below 6,000, according to a city spokesman. That number was around 7,770 this time last year.

Marie Ndiaye, with the Legal Aid Society, and other supporters of the law say cash bail amounts to wealth-based discrimination. But Ndiaye says these cases have no connection to bail laws.

“These cases have absolutely zero connection to the upcoming, or even current, bail laws. They are simply unrelated to bail,” said Ndiaye, the supervising attorney of the Decarceration Unit at The Legal Aid Society. “Even under the current statute, it’s completely justified for judges to have released these individuals on their own recognizance. This is another ill-thought-out attempt from detractors to undermine these new laws, reforms which New Yorkers overwhelmingly support.”

Opponents of the law, including many in law enforcement, say many dangerous people will be released.