Noam Gottesman

Marla Diamond/WCBS 880

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Accused Of Creating Illegal Parking Space For Himself

July 09, 2019 - 9:28 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — A billionaire hedge fund manager is driving his neighbors crazy by refusing to allow anyone to park outside his West Village mansion.

As first reported by the Daily News, burly security guards wave away anyone who tries to park in front of Noam Gottesman's mansion on the corner of Washington and Jane streets, where there is a curb cut resembling a driveway. But neighbors say there's no driveway and no garage.

Eyal Levin, who had his car ticketed and towed in May for parking in the spot, claims Gottesman is using threats and intimidation to keep the spot open.

“It’s a crime, you know. They actually stole my car,” says Levin. “Yeah, I called the place and they told me you have to bring $201 in cash.”

In an act of defiance, Levin has attempted to park in front of the investor’s mansion for three years now.

“I would say almost every time within a few seconds one or two security guards storm out of the building and immediately point to the fake no parking/active driveway signs and tell me I have to move,” Levin said. "It's just a door and a fake curb cut that I believe was made for the illusion of a driveway, but there's no driveway. There's no need to block that space."

A curb cut there dates back to the ‘50s when a parking lot was on the spot.

Now that it is a mansion, the city Department of Buildings says it is illegal.

A spokesman tells the Daily News they will send inspectors here to investigate and take enforcement action if warranted.

A lawyer representing Gottesman, who once dated actress Lucy Liu, tells the paper they're not breaking the law.