Sweet Spot With Mike Sugerman: Brooklyn Pizza Joint Gets You High On Pie

June 07, 2019 - 5:00 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- On a nondescript street in a nondescript storefront somewhere in Brooklyn they are making pizza unlike any you'll find in a chain. 

Stoned Pizza bakes to get you baked.

"We infuse all of our products with THC," said Chris Barrett, founder of Stoned Pizza.

This pizza pie will get you high. There are 320 milligrams of THC baked into each pie and each slice has approximately 40 milligrams. Ten milligrams is said to be the normal dose.

"Some people maybe one slice is good, some people two slices," Barrett said. 

Stoned Pizza also sells chicken wings, ganja knots, cheesecake, cookies, brownies and even plain weed in pre-rolled joints -- all completely illegal.

"We're hiding in plain sight," Barrett said. "You're the only one who gets this address," he told Mike Sugerman in this week's Sweet Spot.

Recreational pot is not legal in New York or New Jersey, the places where they sell mostly by delivery arranged on Instagram. The NYPD recently said it would only ticket people smoking in public -- no arrests.

Barrett is aware he could be arrested at any time.

"Do I care? I care, you know nobody wants to get arrested, right? But I think that in 2019 it would be foolish of any prosecutor to take the 'Stoned Pizza case,'" Barrett said.

Of course, he doesn't have any health department clearances either despite a successful 12-person operation in three different cities and two states.

"I'm an Italian kid from Brooklyn. I know pizza and I'm a weed head. I've been smoking weed my whole life," Barrett said.

So, how's the pizza?

"First off, I thought the pizza was very good. It was better than I expected," Sugerman's friend, Bryan, said. "It's a nice mild buzz. It's not too crazy, it's something that you gotta really be careful of cause it'll really sneak up on you."