LGBT Activist Call On Diaz Sr. To Resign Over Homophobic Comment

February 12, 2019 - 2:51 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — City council members and advocates on Tuesday stood outside City Hall calling on Ruben Diaz Sr. to resign over making a controversial comment about the LGBT community.

“I think we are way past time for apologizes. He is very clear he is not apologizing,” said Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer. “He has doubled down on his hatred and all leaders in this city including the mayor and the governor need to stop with the apology B.S. and call for him to resign.”

Days ago, Diaz was interviewed on a Spanish language radio program and made a comment that the city council is “controlled by the homosexual community.”

Almost immediately after, openly gay members of the council, including Van Bramer and Council Speaker Corey Johnson, demanded Diaz apologize for the comment.

Diaz, who is a pastor and represents parts of the Bronx, has repeatedly refused to take back his comment.

“What’s homophobic about  saying that the gay community controls the nyc city council ?  I’m giving them credit for the power and influence they have,” Diaz posted on Twitter.

Actress Cynthia Nixon, who previously ran against Andrew Cuomo for governor of New York, joined LGBT advocates Tuesday, demanding that Diaz immediately resign.

“I want to say that to Rev. Diaz enough is enough. We need an apology but we need your resignation,” Nixon said.

On Sunday, Diaz took to Twitter to say he would never resign from office.

The full council could vote to expel Councilmember Diaz if it were recommenced by the Standards and Ethics Committee.