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‘Egregious Failure’: City Council Rips Elections Board Over Voting Day

November 20, 2018 - 1:40 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- City Council members ripped into the director of elections Tuesday, calling the voting fiasco on Election Day a miserable experience for too many New Yorkers.

Councilmembers had plenty to say about this month’s voting experience across the five boroughs.

Among their comments: an “egregious failure”; “mass chaos and confusion”; “the never-ending delays”; “the long and inordinate delay.”

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Broken machines, ballot jams and lines of up to three hours were among the complaints New York City voters most aired when they went to their polling places on Nov. 6.

Board of Elections boss Michael Ryan tried to explain to the council members what happened.

Ryan said it was the two-page ballot that voters ripped to feed into the machines. It had never been used before.

“That perforated edge of the paper leads to an increase in ballot jams,” Ryan said.

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Council Speaker Corey Johnson was not impressed with those explanations.

Johnson is calling for Ryan to resign.

“Sadly, Election Day in New York City has turned into Groundhog Day, and not the best parts of the movie,” Johnson said.

Ryan has so far pushed back against similar calls for his resignation.