Cuomo Bans Floating Billboards From NY Waters

Steve Burns
August 20, 2019 - 2:18 pm
New York City Skyline

Getty Images


NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo has banned floating billboards, calling them a nuisance.

Floating billboards are giant digital ads attached to boats that float up and down the Hudson and East rivers, catching the eye of drivers along the FDR Drive and West Side Highway.

The governor's ban prohibits floating billboards from operating, anchoring or mooring within 1,500-feet from New York's shores.

"These floating billboards are a nuisance that blight our shores and distract from the great natural beauty of our waterways," Cuomo stated. "This action will help make our waters more enjoyable and safer for everyone."

"Billboards belong in Times Square, not in the middle of the Hudson and East Rivers. These floating billboards are a dangerous distraction to drivers, boaters, and pedestrians, not to mention an eyesore," Sen. Brad Hoylman stated.

Hoylman calls the billboards obtrusive.

"They're a complete annoyance to our citizens who want to enjoy the water front, free from commercialization," he told WCBS 880's Steve Burns.

Operators now face fines of up to $5,000, but they don't seem to be giving in.

Ballyhoo Media's Adam Shapiro said in a statement to the New York Times, ”Our legal team believes these changes to the navigation law do not prohibit us from operating. Instead they offer clarity on what we can and cannot display with our platform. As such, Ballyhoo intends to continue providing an innovative platform that encourages creativity, collaboration, and community.”

Hoylman calls Shapiro arrogant.

"This operator should get the picture and seize immediately," he said.

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