MTA Board Member: Cuomo's Emergency L Train Meeting 'Publicity Stunt'

January 14, 2019 - 7:37 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- The confusion around the new L train plan continues. After it seemed settled that there would be no emergency MTA Board meeting, there is now one scheduled for early this week.

MTA board member Veronica Vanderpool told WCBS 880 that she thinks the whole thing is a sham.

“With one business day notice, how is it that we can have a thoughtful dialogue,” she said.

It’s the latest in a head spinning series of events: Gov. Andrew Cuomo first said the new plan wouldn’t need MTA board approval, which was soon corrected. Then he called for the emergency meeting, while higher-ups at the MTA said it wouldn’t be feasible with a regular meeting coming up.

With the emergency meeting scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, Vanderpool says she thinks the Cuomo administration may have been looking to check the box on having the meeting so that it could avoid further scrutiny on the new L train repair plan.

“Scheduling this meeting with just one day’s notice doesn’t really suggest that this is meant to invite as much board discussion and discourse as we should be afforded,” Vanderpool said.

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She says she and several others won’t be unable to attend because they can’t change their previous plans at the last minute.

“This is too important an issue for us to just check the box for a public meeting that doesn’t allow for significant discussion,” she said.

And despite the insistence of Cuomo and those around him, Vanderpool says this is further evidence that he does in fact control the MTA, given that the governor called for the meeting.