Eliot Engel

Seth Harrison/The Journal News via USA TODAY NETWORK

Engel: Democrats Plan To Investigate Trump Administration

November 08, 2018 - 6:16 pm

WASHINGTON (WCBS 880) – A New York congressman in the soon-to-be Democrat-controlled House is warning President Donald Trump not interfere with Robert Mueller’s investigation. 

Rep. Eliot Engel will become chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee in January, and plans to safeguard the investigation.

Furthermore, Engel called Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker a Trump flunky and believes his promotion is another instance where Trump is obstructing justice in regards to the Russia investigation.

"It's clearly to me an attempt to block the process of democracy,” Engel said of the attorney general and the president. “I think that we will not sit idly by and allow it to happen. And I will say what I said before: it's very disappointing that my Republican colleagues are so quiet on it.”

Engel is already promising several investigations from his committee into the Trump administration and the president.

He believes the other committees in the House will be doing the same.