Dramatic Changes Coming To NJ TRANSIT Governing Board

December 11, 2018 - 6:43 pm

TRENTON, N.J. (WCBS 880) — After a disastrous year for New Jersey Transit, the body that oversees it may soon be seeing some big changes.

While the changes could mean a number of positive changes, New Jersey state assemblyman John McKeon is cautioning that the changes may take some time.

“Certainly not the panacea that's going to result in there not being future problems, there's other issues that have to be dealt with, but in the future it's a great framework,” McKeon told WCBS 880.

The assemblyman said this bill is 15 months in the making, following hearings and an audit overhauling NJ Transit's governing board.

“In the future, that board is going to be expanded to eight public members, those public members have to be regular commuters or at least have transportation experience,” McKeon noted.

The board will be required to meet more often and during the evening, when actual commuters can attend.

Additionally, there are measures for more transparency and accountability.

McKeon said: “All the things that we learned in the 15 months and 75 hours of hearings that went wrong with New Jersey Transit, we’re putting a lot of systems in place to prevent that from occurring in the future.”

He says the bill should be on Gov. Phil Murphy’s desk sometime next week and he's confident it'll be signed.