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Ex-Superintendent Who Admitted To Defecating Near NJ High School Track Sues Police

May 01, 2019 - 3:13 pm

NEWARK (WCBS 880) – A former New Jersey school superintendent who was caught defecating near another high school’s track is suing the police department that released his mugshot to the media.

Dr. Thomas Tramaglini's lawyer Matthew Adams says his client – and now former superintendent of Kenilworth schools – is unable to get a job in education since the incident in which he was spotted defecating underneath the bleachers by Holmdel police.

During the charging process, police took a photo of him and distributed it out to the media. The story went viral across the country often with the headline “pooperintendent.”

Before the incident at Holmdel High School last year, Tramaglini had risen to the level of superintendent of Kenilworth schools.

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After his mugshot was released, Adams says his client “is severely underemployed and struggling to get by.”

Adams says the mugshot was illegally taken because it’s against state law to take mugshots and hand them out to the media for low-level offenses like public defecation.

"It would be akin to getting a parking ticket and having mugshots processed and released in the media for such ridiculous offenses,” Adams said. “Quite frankly everyone in law enforcement knows better, and this was a calculated effort, an intentional effort to harm a good man."

Tramaglini, who eventually pleaded guilty and paid a fine, is suing the Holmdel Police Department in order to, in his attorney’s words, “be made whole.”

At attorney representing Holmdel police didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from the AP.