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FDNY Firefighter Saves 4-Year-Old Boy From Hot Car In College Point

August 09, 2019 - 8:19 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — An FDNY firefighter saved a four-year-old boy from a hot car in the parking lot of a shopping center in College Point.

Firefighter Matthew Clinton was with two trainees from the nearby fire academy when one of them spotted the little boy in the backseat of the sweltering car.

“And you could see sweat on the kid's face, you know. I said, 'listen, I'm a fireman.' And then the kid kind of went ballistic,” Clinton said.

The four-year-old was unable to unlock the doors.

“I asked somebody in the crowd if they could get me a tire iron or something to break the window with and some old man handed me a hammer out of his truck,” Clinton added.

The firefighter smashed open the driver’s side window with the hammer and got the child out.

He was conscious.

His father arrived as police were pulling up.

Geremie Ram, 42, was arrested and charged with child endangerment and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Police say he left his son in the car so he could go buy drugs.