Plan Your Next Vacation With These Road Trip Ideas

Lisa Tschernkowitsch
July 02, 2020 - 6:39 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — This is the summer of the road trip.

RV and camper rentals are up and AAA projects 683 million Americans will take road trips between July and September as people look for an alternative and safe way to travel during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you're planning one, but are not sure where to go, a new book from National Geographic is packed with suggestions.

Whether you're a history buff or music fan, author Joe Yogerst said there's a trip for everyone in "100 Drives, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to Do, What to See."

"There are some that are very historically based. There's a drive that has to do with Civil War battlefields in the mid-Atlantic states, there's the Revolutionary Road that runs from Boston to Yorktown in Virginia. There are two different War of 1812 drives," Yogerst tells WCBS 880 Author Talks host Lisa Tschernkowitsch. "I have a music-based drive that runs from Memphis to New Orleans down the Mississippi Valley and there's another one in the Appalachians and another one in the Ozarks. There are some that very good for families, like the Jurassic drive which is a dinosaur paleontology-themed drive from Alberta in Canada to Colorado."

Yogerst also shared his favorite drives in the northeast regions.

"The very last drive that I took for this book was through the Adirondacks. I started in New York City, I drove up the Hudson Valley and spent a week doing a loop around the middle of the Adirondacks taking in everything there is to take in that wonderful park and then coming back to New York City down the east side of the Hudson Valley and I ended up combining that trip into two different chapters in the book," Yogerst said. "I also have a figure eight circle drive through the green mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire which I did on two different trips and combined them into one drive and I think that's another favorite."

If you're thinking of hitting the open road this summer, check out the full interview for some ideas.

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