Great white shark taking the bait line


New Jersey Fisherman Hooks Great White Shark

July 06, 2018 - 10:19 am

LITTLE EGG HARBOR, N.J. (WCBS 880) -- Sunday’s "catch of the day?" A great white shark!

Over the weekend, Little Egg Harbor resident Chris O’Neill was shark fishing 15 miles off Atlantic City when he felt a bite on his rod, reeled it in, and found a nearly six foot juvenile great white shark hooked on his line.

O’Neill, a seasoned fisherman familiar with regulations regarding shark fishing, immediately took a photo of the shark then let it go, as it is against the law to catch and keep a great white.

Another white shark report! This one was caught and safely released fishing about 15 miles off today. Photo: Chris O’Neill @oneill0913 #whiteshark #shark #fishing #fishinglife

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The photo of the shark quickly surfaced on social media after O’Neill sent it to a friend who posted it on the Fisherman’s Headquarters Facebook page.

According to, O’Neill said that the moment the shark popped out of the water, he and his uncle and two friends, whom he was fishing with, knew they had an unusual find. However, because of their respect for the sport of fishing and knowledge of the laws, they let the shark go without harm.

The group had been fishing for mako and threshers, common gaming sharks that are popular in the area.

O’Neill, who fishes at least twice a week, said this was the first time he had caught a great white and was the closest encounter he ever had with the breed.