Valerie Cincinelli

NYPD/106th Precinct

Former Cop Accused In Murder-For-Hire Plot Asks To Be Released On Bail

June 17, 2019 - 3:24 pm

CENTRAL ISLIP (WCBS 880) — A former NYPD officer accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill her estranged husband and her boyfriend’s daughter requested to be released on bail Monday.

As WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reported, Valerie Cincinelli had many emotions during the court proceedings in Central Islip. She cried and many times, appeared angry as she spoke with her attorney.

Attorney James Kousouros argued Cincinelli is not a threat to the community and should be released on bail. He said even though there are incriminating audio and video recordings, Cincinelli never wanted anyone dead.

“It remains our position that Ms. Cincinelli never intended for anybody to be harmed. She never paid this man $7000 to hire a hitman,” he told reports.

Prosecutors say Cincinelli was in contact with an alleged hitman and planned to pay him a substantial amount of money to murder her boyfriend’s 14-year-old daughter and her estranged husband – whose mother spoke with Hall outside the courthouse.

“My oldest, my first-born – any of my kids, I would be devastated. It’s just – it’s horrific. It’s horrible. I don’t see how anyone could do this to somebody,” she said of the alleged plot.

Prosecutors say Cincinelli wanted her husband dead because she did not want him to receive any of her pension money in the divorce and she wanted the teenager dead because her boyfriend was spending too much money on her.

The judge says she will look at all the evidence to determine whether the former NYPD officer will be released on bail. If she is, she would have to stay inside her Oceanside residence with an ankle bracelet.