Sweet Spot With Mike Sugerman: Getting To The Bottom Of The Celery Juice Craze

August 09, 2019 - 5:00 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — The root of the word “craze” is crazy, and here’s a craze-in-point: celery juice.

Michael Weaver drinks a celery juice every day. “Every day, every morning I start off with a celery juice at 6 o’clock in the morning, and I’m ready for the day."

Some claim it has had positive effects on their health.

“It has changed my weight,” Sara Joy Madsen said. “It has changed my skin, I don’t drink alcohol anymore.”

People have gotten so crazy for it that celery shortages and price spikes have been reported. 

“I find that celery juice helps to give me a boost in the morning and my days tend to go better when I have it,” said Jaya Jaya Myra 

When Sara first started buying it back in August or September of 2018, she said it was $1.49 a head. By December or January, she says it was up to $5, which is where it remains today.

The reason for this craze? The book "Medical Medium Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide," by self-styled health guru Anthony William. He has over two million Instagram followers and loads of celebrity fans who swear by the juice.

This is what most people believe is behind the craze, despite the fact that there is absolutely no scientific evidence of the benefits he described.

“I think there’s a lot of things that science just has not proven yet,” said Myra. “It’s difficult to get things published or it’s difficult to get funding to do research to get things published. So there’s all sorts of things out there that could potentially work. No one will ever research to get published, and it’s not because it’s not valid.”

Going green may not be as easy as you think, especially if you want to drink something green. 

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