Small Business Spotlight: Jumprope Helps Users Create How-To Videos To Share Their Passion, Knowledge

Joe Connolly
September 04, 2019 - 5:00 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Video is king to promote your business online, but most entrepreneurs do not have the time, money or skills to create high-quality video content for social marketing.

That's where Jake Poses saw an opening to create Jumprope — a free app for people who want to simply and easily share their knowledge, passion, tips, tricks and hacks by helping them create "how-to" videos.

"We built a really simple app that makes it super intuitive for people who have never created video before to create step-by-step tutorials or 'how-to' content and programmaticly we edit them into a whole bunch of different content formats so they can publish them to Instagram Stories, to Instagram TV, to Instagram posts, to YouTube, to Facebook, to Snapchat, to Pinterest, to their website or blogs," Poses told Joe Connolly in this week's WCBS Small Business Spotlight sponsored by BNB Bank — "Community Banking From Montauk To Manhattan."

It's also a destination platform to view "how-to" videos whether it be makeup tutorials, recipes or other videos popular on YouTube and Instagram.

"The long term vision is basically to be the place where everyone goes to discover how to do anything — whether that be a vegan recipe, a meat lovers recipe, a hair tutorial, a craft project, parenting tips," Poses said, "There's no default place where people go to learn or discover how to do things in a super intuitive format where they can find everything they want."

The app is free for both creating and viewing content.

Watch the video above to see how you can utilize links within Jumprope's "how-to" video to drive new customers to purchase your products.