LaToya Shauntay Snell

LaToya Shauntay Snell

'I've Never Felt Stronger:' Runner Fat Shamed At Last Year's NYC Marathon More Determined Than Ever

November 02, 2018 - 8:41 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- A Brooklyn woman who was told she was too overweight to run a marathon is running on Sunday in the TCS New York City Marathon.

WCBS 880's Marla Diamond reports an unfortunate incident at last year's marathon drove her to become an advocate for health at any size.

LaToya Shauntay Snell was on pace to finish last year's race in six and a half hours when she heard a nasty comment from the sidelines that will never forget

"It was the 21st and 22nd mile. A gentleman decided to yell at me and said to me, 'It's gonna take your fat ass forever,'" Snell said.

She had trained for months, pushed her body to its limits

"And to have someone actually fat shame you, it's the worst feeling in the world," Snell said.

She was already well on her journey toward body acceptance but the comment bothered her. Fat shaming is just something she won't accept.

The blogger who goes by the title "Running Fat Chef" wrote about the demoralizing moment for the online magazine "The Root." It went viral and she was happy about that but also a bit sad.

"I should be alone in this. I shouldn't have a lot of people writing me saying, 'Hey, thank you for expressing what I've been going through for 18, 20 years,'" Snell said. "You have to embrace the skin that you're in. There's no amount of weight loss that's going to be equivalent to happy. Happiness is something that you maintain inside."

She recently ran a 100K in Arizona, her fifth New York City Marathon will be a victory lap.

"My motto is you can be fat and fit. At this point I've never felt stronger in my life," Snell said.

Her blog is dedicated to helping others get fit in body and mind no matter what size they are.