Steve Burns/WCBS 880

Leaked Video From NYC Facility Holding Kids Separated From Parents At Border Shows Girl Weeping For Mother

June 26, 2018 - 7:48 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Video leaked from a New York City facility housing children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border shows the conditions and emotions inside.

About 240 children have been sent to the Cayuga Centers facility on Park Avenue in East Harlem after being separated from their parents at the southern border.

The leaked video shows one of those children asking to speak with her mother. In the video, the girl, named Jessica, is seen weeping and longing for her mother as she talks to a facility employee.

The child tells the worker that she came to the foster care facility with her 10-year-old sister and that her mother is somewhere in Virginia.

The video, which also shows kids in classrooms and eating meals together, was recorded in April by an employee who has since quit and then leaked the video to MSNBC.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bill de Blasio is again blasting Trump's immigration policies.

"I think what we have here is an unexpected defining moment and people are seeing it in human terms and that's when the dam starts to break," de Blasio said.

The mayor visited the Cayugas Center last week and said staffers were “very forthcoming and transparent.” But he said the children were sent to the facility without the New York City government even knowing.

"There was no plan to take care of them, there was no plan to make sure they got to hospitals, we had to come in as New York City and provide that support," de Blasio said.

De Blasio said the professionals at the facility said the separation has been traumatic for many of the children. He said they are suffering “very real mental health issues,” and need support.

He also said some of the children have come with physical challenges that resulted from being held in detention. Some have lice and bedbugs and are suffering from chickenpox and other infectious diseases, the mayor said.

The city’s public health system says it has treated at least a dozen migrant children over the last few weeks for asthma, constipation and other ailments. Health officials said at least eight children have been brought in for mental health support.