LI Schools Switch To Takeout Lunches, Remote Learning

Sophia Hall
March 18, 2020 - 3:34 pm
Child working on computer

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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Eudes Budhai, Westbury Superintendent of Schools, says the Long Island district has begun a grab-and-go system for breakfast and lunch.

He notes parents and students don't have to wait in line, so that they can practice social distancing and the district has also switched to online school.

"Our middle school and high school have a robust system of Google Classrooms and Google Suite, and they will be able to collaborate with their teachers simultaneously." 

Budhai told WCBS 880's Sophia Hall that it's up to the state whether summer school might be necessary to make up for missed days. 

"In our school district, our summer program is extremely robust, so I would say that most of our students, if they are able to come back in the summer, we will continue having services during the summer as well," Budhai said.

And those classes may be expanded if the need exists. "One of our goals is to give all of our kindergarten students moving forward an iPad, so that they can get online in our system and be able to use the iPads to do their work at home as well," Budhai said.

Roughly 2,000 families showed up on Monday for food, which is offered via drive-up and walk-up. 

Budhai says some degree of learning regression is almost inevitable, but that resources are available online for concerned parents, who are attempting to adjust to life at home with their children.

For one single mother, getting through two weeks of being quarantine is all about staying positive. 

After one of her three children was possibly exposed to a bus driver who tested positive for the coronavirus, Olwyn Triggs and her family was placed under a mandatory quarantine for two weeks. 

Nine days into the quarantine, everyone in the family is currently fine. "They're doing online schools, which has been very successful so far," she said. 

She has plenty of food and supplies, and says neighbors and friends have thoughtfully left items like toilet paper on her door step. She has frozen many items, including milk, because she believes the family will not be leaving the household for awhile.