Memorial Services Planned For Victims Of Deadly Rt. 80 Wreck

May 19, 2018 - 5:51 pm

PARAMUS, N.J. (1010 WINS) -- The 10-year-old student killed in the school bus crash on Route 80 has been identified as Miranda Vargas. Her wake will be held at the Marrocco Memorial Chapel on Sunday afternoon. Her funeral will be held on Monday.

There will also be a town-wide service for the victims on Sunday at Our Lady of the Visitation at 7:30.

The funeal for the 51-year-old teacher killed in the crash, Jennifer Williamson, will be held Thursday at Our Lady of the Visitation.

The school bus driver in the fatal crash on route 80 was apparently attempting an illegal turn when the accident happened.

A source who has seen the DOT video that investigators are reviewing told CBS News that the bus did get off for the exit Waterloo Village, but then headed back onto Rt 80.

The driver apparently tried a very risky maneuver; a sharp left from the access road, across the westbound lane, towards a u-turn strip that's only for official vehicles. It was at that point that the dump truck -- traveling west -- slammed into the rear of the bus.

There's no word on what, if any, charges the driver could face.

The husband of Jennifer Williamson, the popular 5th grade teacher killed in the crash put out a statement.

"My beautiful bride and I have been in total love every day of our lives, since our eyes met," he said.

The girl killed in the crash also had a twin sister on the trip, she was on a different bus.