Glad To Have Met Ya: Mike Baxter Reflects On His Time With The Mets

April 22, 2019 - 6:30 pm

By Joey Wahler

After growing up in Whitestone, Queens -- just a line drive from Shea Stadium -- in 2011 outfielder Mike Baxter joined his favorite team, the Mets.

"For me to get the chance to play three seasons in New York, it brought me back home and getting to share those moments with my parents, my grandma and my sister, friends, that's very rare and I'm always very appreciative of that. I look back at that fondly," Baxter told Joey Wahler in this week's Glad To Have Met Ya.

Baxter is forever linked to Johan Santana. On June 1, 2012 in the seventh inning against the Cardinals, Baxter's glove preserved the Mets' only no-hitter when he crashed into the left field wall, catching Met killer Yadier Molina's drive.

"We all know the history of the Mets and how difficult or eluding the no-hitter was for so many great pitchers that came through the organization in the previous 40 or 50 years so just to have a little small piece in that is special and it's something that I look back at fondly," Baxter said. 

Met fans still match Baxter's face to his catch.

"If a Met fan comes up to me, if it happens maybe once a year, I just say, 'You're a really good Met fan.' Because if you know me, if you could pick me out in the street, you must really like the Mets cause I was a very small part of the Mets history," Baxter said. 

Santana and Baxter remain in touch.

"We reconnected through his foundation a little while ago and it was great to do that and I look forward to hopefully seeing him again sometime in the future," Baxter said.

At his alma mater in Nashville, Baxter is Vanderbilt University's hitting coach and recruiting coordinator. 

"I enjoy the time we get to spend with the guys, obviously on the field, but also watching them grow up and hopefully get a chance to play on the pro side which many of them do fortunately," Baxter said. 

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