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MTA Chairman Calls For Investigation Into Overtime Practices

May 01, 2019 - 7:42 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Rail riders wondering where their money is going might soon be getting some answers from the MTA as the head of the agency called for two separate investigations into overtime practices.

In a statement Wednesday, MTA Chairman Patrick Foye called on the the presidents of the LIRR, Metro-North and the New York City Transit to conduct a full review of overtime procedures.

The investigation is expected to focus on the last year of overtime claims and payments after it was revealed last week that the MTA spent more than $400 million in overtime in 2018.

Mark Epstein, who heads the Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council, says it is crucial that the MTA save all the money it can.

“Right now, we have fare hikes and we've got hiring freezes. They need to account for all the money that's being paid because this is the money of the riders and the tax payers,” he said.

He also wondered why the investigation took so long.

“There should be questioning within the agency before the overtime is paid,” he said.

Epstein understands some overtime is needed, but he's curious about any possible waste or fraud.