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MTA Could Cut Up To 2,700 Jobs To Save Money

July 18, 2019 - 12:17 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — The MTA announced Wednesday they will be cutting up to 2,700 jobs in order to save the financially burdened agency as much as $500 million annually.

According to officials, the MTA has hired a management consulting firm to come up with a plan to cut expenses by eliminating redundancies and streamlining operations.

The MTA will vote on the plan next week and officials say they will first look to achieve the job reductions by not filling vacant positions.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo also weighed in on the proposal, saying he will not be satisfied unless the MTA sets hard deadlines for the planned changes.

“You can’t have a final plan that doesn’t have dates and dates that can be measured against, so that people can evaluate,” the governor said. “Within the next six months, they should be able to make market progress and be evaluated on that progress.”

The agency desperately needs the money as budget experts predict it will be in a $1 billion hole by 2022.

MTA chairman Pat Foye believes the reorganization plan will be a good thing for the agency.

He notes it will allow the MTA to “deliver better service, complete projects on time and on budget and use its resources effectively and efficiently.”