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MTA Seems Unwilling To Put Safety Netting Under 7 Line After Debris Falls On Cars

May 23, 2019 - 12:41 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — The MTA is reportedly not prepared to install safety netting under the elevated 7 lines tracks in Queens.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer requested the netting be hung under the tracks along Roosevelt Avenue in Woodside after several pieces of debris suddenly fell from the tracks and crashed into cars below.

“That's where there is an immediate very clear and identifiable crisis,” the councilman said. “When you have a several foot long beam of wood pierce through a windshield of an occupied car and you have chunks of rusted metal flying off and hitting the roof and windshields of another cars.”

The first incident happened in late February when a wooden beam fell from the elevated line and pierced the windshield of a moving SUV. The driver was not injured, but Van Bramer noted it could have been much worse.

Nearly two weeks later, a chunk of rusty metal was dislodged from the tracks and crashed into another vehicle, shattering the right side of the car’s windshield.

Following the second incident, Van Bramer wrote a letter to the MTA to demand a throughout inspection of the train line and new safety measures.

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But nearly three months later, nothing has been done and residents are still concerned.

“Right now, people walking and driving under that section of the l in Woodside still don't feel safe,” Van Bramer said.

Transit President Andy Byford said the netting would make inspection and assessment of corrosion difficult and indicated no final determination on the safety measure has been made.

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Councilman Van Bramer vows not to give up until the area, which he represents, is safe from falling debris.

He says: “We're gonna continue to apply pressure and appeal to the MTA, obviously it's a state agency, so the council has some jurisdiction, but limited.”