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NJ And CT To Amazon: We Want You If NYC Doesn't

February 12, 2019 - 10:02 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Amazon is responding to opposition to its Queens deal by weighing its options, and for places like New Jersey and Connecticut, that means a chance to make their case once again.

Governors Phil Murphy and Ed Lamont confirm that officials are in contact with Amazon, reiterating the benefits of building a new headquarters just outside of New York City.

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Stamford and Newark are options, with 25,000 jobs at stake.

Amazon is reportedly reconsidering Long Island City following a backlash from residents and officials who think the city and state were way too generous with their billions in incentives. Opponents of the deal include the union representing retail, wholesale and department store workers, as well as progressive groups and local politicians.

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Stamford did not make Amazon’s top 20 list, but Newark did, and Gov. Murphy touts the state’s largest city as having enormous momentum these days.

The question is whether Amazon is really reconsidering Queens or is it all part of the bargaining?

Meanwhile, a new poll found 56 percent of New York voters support the idea of Amazon moving into Queens.

The Siena Research Institute says support was even stronger among city residents, with 58 percent saying they favored it.

The poll conducted last week has a 4.3 percent margin of error.