Stephen Sweeney

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New Jersey Passes Right-To-Die Legislation

March 26, 2019 - 10:21 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — New Jersey will soon become the eighth state to allow people with terminal illnesses to legally end their own lives.

The bill offers anyone with fewer than six months left to live the ability to end their own life.

The diagnosis would have to come from two doctors, and the request would have to be made twice orally and once in writing.

Deputy Assembly Speaker John Burzichelli says the legislation is about dignity, “The ability to control our destiny lies deep within each of us.”

Everything needs to be as certain as possible though, Burzichelli says, “This bill requires two doctors' opinion on a diagnosis. This bill requires that only to the person who has received the prescription after having been judged to be in sound mind and of a certain diagnosis, would be eligible to receive the prescription."

Only that person would be allowed to ingest the medication, he says.

Opponents had expressed a fear that this could snowball into allowing other groups of people the right-to-die or that doctors could get it wrong.

Senate President Stephen Sweeney though, says getting this bill passed was a long time coming, "It was something I was passionate about for years. And the senate couldn't pass it after the assembly had passed it twice. But we got there."

Gov. Murphy says he supports the bill and wil sign in into law.