New Legislature Means New Push For Gateway Project

January 06, 2019 - 11:17 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Congressional representatives from New York and New Jersey are teaming up to get funding for the Gateway Tunnel under the Hudson River.  

With Democrats taking control of the House, that means a handful of representatives from in and around New York City are finding themselves in some key leadership positions.

Among them is new Appropriations Committee Chairman Nita Lowey.

Every spending plan goes through her desk and she’s making sure they include funding for the Gateway Project, especially after what happened last year. 

"The funding was stripped from a previous spending bill after President Trump threatened to veto any spending bill with funding for the Gateway," Lowey said. 

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The Gateway Project is an estimated $30 billion upgrade to the transit corridor connecting New York and New Jersey. It includes a new rail tunnel and the renovation of an old tunnel, among other plans.

Lowey says the president should understand the importance of a new rail tunnel going under the Hudson and into his home city.

“I would expect that most of us in the delegation will make clear to him the economic significance,” Lowey said.

That delegation includes a handful of New Jersey representatives also taking up the mantle in some influential spots like Bill Pascrell, Frank Pallone and Albio Sires.

But Lowey thinks it may be a bit much to digest if the Gateway funding went into the next spending plan looking to reopen the government.

“I think it’s probably too much, too fast, but this will be on our agenda,” she said.