New York State Senator Brad Hoylman

Lars Niki / Stringer

NY Senate Approves Bill That Would Release Trump's State Taxes

May 08, 2019 - 3:26 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — New York’s State Senate approved a bill Wednesday that would allow Congressional tax committees to request President Donald Trump’s state tax returns.

State Sen. Brad Hoylman's legislation would authorize and direct the state tax department to share the state tax returns of any New Yorker on the written request of any of three congressional tax committees in Washington. 

The legislation would apply to returns filed by the president, vice president, U.S. senators, the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general or comptroller.

“The types of tax returns and reports that our bill would cover would include personal income tax, corporation tax, estate tax, real estate transfer tax and others," Hoylman said. "We're not certain exactly what's in an individual's tax return but there's a lot of information at the state level that would be shared with the congressional committees."

Those committees include House Ways and Means, Senate Finance and the Joint Committee on Taxation.

Hoylman says the president has broken 40 years of political tradition by not releasing his returns and that his bill is a corrective measure to support the role of Congress as a co-equal branch of government.

"As we know, the White House is refusing to turn over the president's tax returns. Well up here in Albany we can step into that constitutional breach by assisting Congress fulfill its responsibilities," Hoylman said.

Republican Senate Leader John Flanagan calls it a blatantly political act.

The measure now heads to the State Assembly. A vote has yet to be scheduled.