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New York IG Says DMV Workers Took Bribes To Make Tickets Disappear

June 09, 2018 - 4:27 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- New York's Inspector General said there should be stepped up training and oversight at city DMVs.

The comment comes after an investigation into bribes and kickbacks at the office.

"If the person seems like a down to eath person I'll just tell them, look, we can take care of the ticket now if you want, you'll get your receipt, it'll be done today," Harlem DMV clerk Sam Alexis allegedly told the New York IG's office of his usual practices.

The IG detailed a years long scheme at the northern Manhattan Traffic Violations Bureau in which Alexis took in between $20 and $100 from people looking to make their traffic tickets disappear.

That aded up to about $600 a week for Alexis on top of his salary.

In addition the court accuses Alexis and two others of referring people to lawyers in exchange for kickbacks.

The IG said the scheme started back in 2012, and the bureau's co-supervisor found out about, but said nothing because she didn't know the names of the employees involved.

The DMV said it's installing cameras at the bureau to root out any illicit activity.