Difference Makers: Second Grader Sells Comics To Help ‘Save The World’

Sophia Hall
March 31, 2020 - 7:52 pm
Winthrop Brenden Letter

Dr. Joseph Greco

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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — A 7-year-old Long Island boy is doing his part to help fight the coronavirus with an amazing act of kindness.

Brendan, from Nassau County, is a bright 7-year-old who loves making comic books and learning about new things.

His father tells WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall that he’s able to research things on his own using his computer, and taught himself all about the coronavirus pandemic.

“It comes from mammals and birds usually,” Brendan says. “It can be living and non-living.”

Brendan wanted to do something to help when he heard about what was happening around the world.

He decided to sell his comic books and managed to round up $9.

As soon as he got the money, he knew what he had to do and set out to write a letter to Dr. Joseph Greco, chief of hospital operations at NYU-Winthrop.

The doctor got the letter, along with Brendan’s $9 and said he was moved by the small gesture.

“It's wonderful to see the selflessness of a 7-year-old,” Dr. Greco said. “Not only was he selling the comic books, but he also had a clear plan in mind of what he was going to do with that money.”

His letter reads:

“Here is $9.00. I got all of this money from selling comic books. I hope everything is going alright with your coronavirus patient. I want to help raise money for the coronavirus vaccine. I am a 2nd grad student in Stewart school. Save the world!”

“I did it because there’s been so many deaths from coronavirus,” Brendan explains. “And I want to go back to school.”

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