Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Active Shooter Report

Marshall Gorby/Dayton Daily News via AP

Active Shooter Report At Wright-Patterson Air Force Base In Ohio Proves Incorrect

August 02, 2018 - 2:26 pm

DAYTON, Ohio (WCBS 880/AP) -- An Air Force base in Ohio said there was not an active shooter incident Thursday, just hours after authorities in armored vehicles and unmarked cars swarmed the base amid reports of a shooter its medical center.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base said in a statement that someone called 911 during a training exercise that included an active shooter scenario at a separate location. The caller thought there was an incident occurring within the base hospital, sending security forces to the scene where they began searching the entire hospital, the statement said.

While trying to get inside a locked door, a security team member shot his firearm to open the door, the statement said.

Wright-Patterson tweeted that emergency units responded to a "reported incident" around 12:40 p.m. An hour later, they said it was a reported active shooter incident and personnel were instructed to shelter in place on the sprawling base.

Video from outside of the hospital showed service members and others standing outside the building later in the afternoon. Some had come out with their hands in the air.

By 2:37 p.m., staff were given an all-clear, advising that the threat has passed, according to an alert as reported by WHIO-TV in Dayton. But people were asked to stay clear of the hospital.

Law enforcement sources provided conflicting reports to the TV station.

One confirmed the story that proved correct, saying that the incident started as a training exercise, and something happened during the training leading someone to fire shots to get into a door they could not enter, WHIO reported.

But another source told the station that hostages were taken and shots were fired, and said someone tried to break out a window or windows to get people out of the hospital.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said via Twitter it was among several agencies responding.

Local police directed traffic away from the base, which is Ohio's largest single-site employer with more than 27,000 civilian employees and military personnel. The Ohio State Highway Patrol and local police also had officers at the base.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich tweeted that he had instructed the State Highway Patrol to provide all possible support in managing the situation.

Wright State University said it had been told the incident had been “contained” as of 1:33 p.m.

The base was the site where the Dayton Peace Accords were finalized in 1995, an international peace agreement that ended the war in Bosnia.

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