Woman Organizes Banner To Fly Over Hudson, Thanking USNS Comfort

Lynda Lopez
April 01, 2020 - 7:12 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — A banner flew over the Hudson River on Wednesday, past the USNS Comfort, thanking healthcare workers for their hard work.

The banner sent a message of gratitude to all the workers on board the ship, which arrived in New York City on Monday to help those that are not sick with coronavirus, but still need medical assistance during the crisis.

“It’s a 30x90 banner made by FlySigns.com, I’ve worked with them in the past, and it has a huge red cross and then it says: ‘Welcome and Thank You, USNS Comfort,’” said Kat Sullivan. “And I hope that they see that and realize that it is very heartfelt.”

An airplane flying around while towing a banner thanking the @usnavy’s USNS Comfort for their humanitarian help! #USNSComfort#Pier90NYC#FloatingHospital#UnitedStatesNavy#MilitarySealiftCommand#USAstrong#NewYorkCit#BannerTowing#AerialBillboard

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Sullivan has flown banners over the Hudson River before in her advocacy for sexual abuse victims. She previously lobbied Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration to allow victims of sexual abuse to have more time to sue their attackers.

Even though organizing the fly over banner is a difficult task to undertake, she felt it was important the thank the workers at the frontline of the fight.

“A navy ship coming with the capacity that they do is the promise of a commitment to be there through the end and so we thank them for that because it gives us the support that we need to know that we as healthcare workers are not alone,” Sullivan said.

She explains that the banner agency reached out to her and she was eager to support a small business that is suffering because of the coronavirus.

Sullivan said she had thought about flying a banner and when the owner of FlySigns contacted her, they got everything in motion quickly to ensure the Comfort was given a warm welcome to New York.