Cardinal Timothy Dolan

PA Images/Sipa USA

Cardinal Dolan Evokes Fallen Firefighter's Funeral In Message Of Hope, Resiliency For Easter

April 01, 2018 - 11:53 am

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Cardinal Timothy Dolan offered a message of hope during his Easter Sunday mass, and invoked the recent death and funeral of firefighter Michael Davidson as he talked about the promise of life going on after adversity and tragedy.

“There is no more hopeful place than Easter Sunday mass,” Dolan said in the mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. “It is here that we profess and celebrate our faith.”

He said the most important principle of Easter Sunday is that “good – good ultimately conquers evil; that hope triumphs over despair; that faith is stronger than doubt; that love is victorious over hate; and that life trumps death.”

Firefighter Davidson was killed a week ago Friday whole battling an extra-alarm blaze on a movie set in Harlem. This past Tuesday, thousands packed Fifth Avenue for a funeral mass at St. Patrick’s, and Cardinal Dolan delivered the eulogy.

“I watched as there were embraces of love; tender concern and outreach for Eileen and the four kids. There were smiles and even laughter at stories of Michael recalled and exchanged,” Dolan said in his homily at the Easter Sunday mass. “There was renewed solidarity and commitment among our firefighters in New York.”

Dolan continued: “There were assurances to one another that we get through all this. The prayers were sincere. The readings from God’s Holy Word in the Bible were listened to attentively, and mass was extraordinarily reverent.”

Dolan added further that even amid a tragedy, life goes on and the sun rises again.

“After the funeral, the firefighters went back to work, and Eileen and the kids went back home, because life goes on; because they have faith and hope – and the sun came up the next morning, because of that faith and hope; because of Easter,” he said.