Small Business Spotlight: Chili Piper Connects Companies And Customers

Joe Connolly
December 04, 2019 - 5:00 am
Nicholas Vandenberghe of Chili Piper

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — We've all sent messages to a company via their website only to never hear back, but Chili Piper founder Nicolas Vandenberghe developed software to solve that problem.

The sales tech company, previously known as Floating Apps, had to reinvent itself after SalesForce bought its only two competitors.

"Well I thought I was in trouble and all my investors just told me we were dead," Vandenberghe told Joe Connolly. "They said look you you have to change your business there's no way to continue now that the big player which was supposed to be your partner is actually a competitor."

So that's what they did. They changed their name, the business and the product, but kept their target.

"We went after sales people because that's what we thought was a big opportunity out there. It's also my passion — I love sales, I love technology and I love technology for sales," Vandenberghe said.

They were determined to survive and managed to do that by shrinking the company from 12 employees to five and getting back on the market with a new product that could be rolled out quickly and had no competitors.

"Nowadays companies specialize their sales teams they have the front end that does all the prospecting and then the people who do what's called the closing and the reason why they do that is prospecting is very time consuming and you can get more junior people to do it," Vandenberghe said. "So they had this problem that prospect teams would get somebody on the phone and say, 'Hey you want to book a meeting?' And then to book a meeting it would take them seven minutes to find the right person who should take the meeting, their availability so we automated that process."

Now, Chili Piper has taken it one step further by making those bookings that come in through a company's website.

"Until we launched our new product the process was as follows: the prospects would fill out a form and they would get a 'thank you' page and then you have no idea who is going to call me, when. And companies were losing up to 80 percent of the leads that way," Vandenberghe said.

Chili Piper was able to build an intelligent agent that identifies qualified prospects within the submission forms and connects them with the proper rep to a book a meeting.

Watch the video above to see how Chili Piper allows customers and companies to instantly connect so leads are not lost.