Chris Cuomo No Longer Has Coronavirus, Tests Positive For Antibodies

WCBS 880 Newsroom
April 28, 2020 - 11:56 am

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    NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — CNN anchor Chris Cuomo no longer has the coronavirus and says he has tested positive for antibodies.

    "I tested negative — I don’t have the virus,” the youger brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on his broadcast Monday night. "I have both antibodies, the short-term one and the long-term one.”

    He then speculated whether or not that will provide any protection against future reinfection.

    “The World Health Organization issued a warning, saying, ‘chill out with these immunity passports. We don’t know what the antibodies mean, if they mean anything,'” the 49-year-old Cuomo said.

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, told Cuomo that "presumably" he will have some sort of protection against the virus.

    “The thing is that we need to prove it out and that takes some time to actually show that these antibodies are going to actually protect you," Gupta said. 

    Cuomo was diagnosed with the virus in late March, but continued to host “Cuomo Prime Time” while quarantined in his basement. His wife also tested positive for the virus.

    He publicly documented his battle with the virus.

    “It was like somebody was beating me like a piñata,” he said earlier this month after a particularly frightening night. “I was shivering so much…I chipped my tooth.”

    He said he was even hallucinating — seeing old friends and his late father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo.

    He described another of his fever dreams during an appearance at one of his older brother's daily coronavirus briefings.

    Talking to his governor brother he said: “You came to me in a dream. You had on a very interesting ballet outfit and you were dancing in the dream and waving a wand and saying, ‘I wish I could wave my wand and make this go away.’”

    Gov. Cuomo had called his brother "a living example of living with coronavirus" and said he would end up doing a great public service because his experience will "demystify" the virus for many people.

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