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City To Dedicate 309 Parking Spaces To Car Sharing Programs

May 31, 2018 - 1:39 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday announced that the city will be dedicating 309 parking spots to car share programs.

The city Department of Transportation will dedicate 285 parking spaces through the DOT NYC Carshare pilot for Zipcar and Enterprise CarShare vehicles on streets in select neighborhoods, as well as city parking lots, the Mayor’s office said.

Another 24 parking spots in New York City Housing Authority lots will be dedicated to car sharing vehicles, as NYCHA starts a partnership with Zipcar, the Mayor’s office said.

For the curbside spaces, there will be official signs reading, “Car share parking only,” WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reported. The signs have been posted in neighborhoods in four boroughs that were selected for a two-year pilot program.

Enterprise CarShare and Zipcar vehicles are set to be available for rent from those spots starting this coming Monday, the Mayor’s office said. Both Enterprise and Zipcar will also offer discounts to NYCHA residents citywide.

Enterprise CarShare and Zipcar will pay the city a licensing fee of $785 for the two-year pilot program.

The mayor called it a fair deal.

“We are very interested, if it continues going forward, to evaluate and decide what we think makes sense for a longer-term deal,” de Blasio said. “But on a pilot basis, we’re comfortable with this.”

De Blasio said car shares move people away from owning their own vehicles.

“Here’s what studies have shown – for each shared car available, a city can take up to 20 cars off the road. Think about that. Twenty cars that will not be purchased or will no longer be necessary because the shared service is available,” he said.

The Mayor’s office also said one car share vehicle can be shared by as many as 70 people.

The mayor argued that car sharing help to resolve congestion. For people who must keep a car in the city, he said it will likely mean more curbside parking will become available.