Nassau Reports 19 New Coronavirus Deaths As Pandemic Takes Toll On Businesses

Sophia Hall
April 02, 2020 - 4:28 pm

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    MINEOLA, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — Nassau County Executive Laura Curran sadly announced there were 19 more deaths in the county from the coronavirus as Gov. Andrew Cuomo sounded the alarm about the surge in cases on Long Island.

    Nassau County, which has a population 1.4 million, now tops 10,000 positive coronavirus cases.

    Cuomo said Thursday that while New York City has the most number of positive cases in the state at more than 50,000, he finds the increase in Nassau "troubling."

    "Those numbers are concerning and we're watching those," Cuomo said. "You'll see Nassau County, 1,000 new cases, that is troubling news."

    In an interview with WCBS 880, Curran said the county is working with hospitals to address the surge in cases.

    "We really are on the upside of the surge now, and our hospital systems are really up against it," Curran said. "We are working with them, we have 11 hospitals in Nassau County, I am regularly speaking with the CEOs and we are treating each of our hospitals together as a system and we're making sure that we are working together and that we're sharing resources and sharing space as we need them."

    Curran said they're starting to run out supplies and seeing a shortage of personal protectice equipment including masks and gloves.

    "We're collecting donations and coordinating with the state, scouring the world for these really important supplies to keep our health care workers safe and to keep our first responders safe," Curran said. "Our medics have an unprecedented burden right now in the ambulances the police as well. We have close to 100 police who have tested positive, some have come back have already resolved, but we really need this equipment to keep those essential workers healthy."

    Another 176 officers in the county are in quarantine, but Curran has full confidence in the department and its ability to keep the public safe.

    "We have the best police and corrections department here in Nassau County, and our members are stepping up. They’re really showing the grit and resilience that they’re made of and I couldn’t be more proud," Curran said.

    Also of concern are the number of ventilators in the state, which has supplied Long Island with 200 of the potentially life-saving devces. Cuomo said Thursday New York's supply of ventilators could be exhausted in six days.

    Curran also talked about business owners affected by the shut down. 

    The county executive and Hofstra University put out a call to business owners to fill out a survey about how the  coronavirus has affected their businesses.

    "In one week we got 1,431 responses from business owners throughout the county it was an incredible response," Curran said.

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    Curran says the news was grim.

    "All of them predicted that they will have to do lay offs by the end of the year, more than half replied that they won't make any profit this year, they're barely keeping their head above water. About 80% say they will need loans to operate through the end of the year," Curran said.

    The results will help she says to get funding to help the  owners when the shut down is over.

    "And then we will take that information when we need help from the state and federal government so we really have something real that we can ask for. We can quantify it and we can prove it," said Curran.

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