De Blasio Roasted Over Toasted Bagel Comment

WCBS 880 Newsroom
January 15, 2020 - 7:00 pm
Bagel Shop

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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — If there's one city that knows how to make a bagel, it's New York City. But if there's one New Yorker who doesn't quite know how to do it right – it might be Mayor Bill de Blasio.

While weighing in on Twitter for National Bagel Day, the New York City mayor declared his love for a bagel that stirred up a slew of controversy among locals on social media.

“New York City has the best bagels in the world. But our BEST bagel? Bagel Hole in Park Slope. No contest,” the mayor wrote.

Though a revised Tweet now claims he likes the whole wheat bagel with extra cream cheese, a previous version of the post declared de Blasio loves it toasted – immediately crossing into treacherous territory in a city that claims its bagels are the best nationwide.

New Yorkers flooded their timelines, asserting that a good bagel never needs to be toasted.

State Senator Brad Hoylman even posted a poll asking New Yorkers if toasting a bagel was “a crime.” The answers were a choice between: “No, I like ruining bagels” or “Yes, toasting is a crime.”

Then, Twitter ignited with even more scorn as users and the shop confirmed: Bagel Hole does not toast bagels.

De Blasio revised his post shortly after saying he “must have a hole in my memory.”

He also noted that while Bagel Hole in Park Slope is his favorite, he doesn’t get their as much as he used to, but would often travel to the location when his children were younger.