County Executive Fights To Keep Convicted Rapist, Murderer Out Of Rockland

Sean Adams
July 15, 2020 - 10:20 am
Rockland County Executive Ed Day

Peter Haskell


PEARL RIVER, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — County Executive Ed Day is fighting to make sure a convicted rapist and murderer never crosses into Rockland ever again.

Richard LaBarbera has served nearly 40 years for the 1980 rape and murder of 16-year-old Paula Bohovesky in Pearl River, where her mother still lives.

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"Picture walking down the street going shopping and then you're walking down the street and the man who murdered your daughter walks right by you, think about that for a second. I can't think of a more horrific moment in anybody's life, on top of that pain and anguish that she had to deal with losing her child," Day said.

LaBarbera was paroled last year. Days later, he violated his terms of release by getting drunk and was sent to jail for another year.

Day said LaBarbera will be paroled on or around July 23rd from the Cape Vincent Correction Facility in Jefferson County. 

He is asking the parole board to keep LaBarbera far from Pearl River.

"We have no forgiveness for those who let this monster out of jail, but that said, we are demanding that LaBarbera never breathe any air in Rockland County, whether it be by visitation or by residency," Day said. "So we're asking the parole board to make sure that his parole location is nowhere near Rockland County and that a condition of parole will be set that if he even crosses bridge into Rockland County he could be sent back to jail again."

Another man convicted of the murder, Robert McCain, is still in prison. 

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