US Open Extreme Heat

Peter Haskell/WCBS 880

Extreme Heat Policy In Effect At US Open

August 28, 2018 - 3:54 pm

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- This brutal summer weather might be taking some of the fun out of being at the US Open Tuesday.

But if fans were hoping to find relief under stadium roofs, they’re out of luck.

As WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reported, the sweltering conditions on Tuesday led to the implementation of the extreme heat policy. This means the men will be offered a 10-minute break between the third and fourth sets, while the women will play no more than three sets.

Still, the roofs on the two-stadium courts will stay open.

“We consider ourselves an outdoor tournament, obviously, and with our existing roof protocol, it calls that out explicitly,” said tournament director David Brewer.

Brewer said the protocol calls for closing the roofs only when it rains. Fans will just have to deal with the heat.

“We want to have the roof open wherever we can, and we want the sun to fall in, and where there’s shade, there’s shade,” he said.

The roof structures do provide plenty of shade.