Brown’s Garrett Apologizes After Being Suspended For Remainder Of Season

WCBS 880 Newsroom
November 15, 2019 - 5:13 pm

CLEVELAND (WCBS 880/AP) — Browns defensive end Myles Garrett was suspended Friday for at least the remainder of the season and postseason for using a helmet “as a weapon” and striking Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head.

Garrett’s violent outburst in the final seconds of Thursday’s nationally televised game against the Steelers landed him the longest suspension for a single on-field infraction in NFL history.

Garrett was also fined an undisclosed amount and must meet with Commissioner Roger Goodell’s office before his reinstatement is considered.

During the incident, Garrett ripped off Rudolph’s helmet and proceeded to smash him on top of the head with it, triggering a brawl between the teams.

Rudolph avoided serious injury and called the defensive star's attack "cowardly and bush league."

Garrett released a statement on the incident on Friday, saying he “made a terrible mistake.”

“I lost my cool and what I did was selfish and unacceptable,” he wrote. “I know that we are all responsible for our actions and I can only prove my true character through my actions moving forward.”

 WFAN’s Bart Scott spoke with WCBS 880’s Steve Scott about the incident, saying Garrett has no choice but to accept his punishment.

“This is something that happens from time to time, whenever you have such a violent, aggressive sport, sometimes people are going to go past the line and when you go past a line you have to take your punishment and it becomes teachable tape,” WFAN’s Scott said.

The former Jets linebacker says he’s witnessed the violence that football can cause but adds, “there is no excuse for using the helmet as a weapon.”

Garrett’s outburst came with 8 seconds left in Cleveland’s 21-7 win over the rival Steelers on Thursday night, a game that will not be remembered for anything that happened in the first 59 minutes.

The league said Garrett “violated unnecessary roughness and unsportsmanlike conduct rules, as well as fighting and removing an opponent’s helmet and using it as a weapon.”

Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey was suspended three games for punching and kicking Garrett, and Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi was suspended for one game. He shoved Rudolph to the ground from behind during the melee. The suspended players have three business days to appeal their penalties.

The Steelers and Browns were also fined $250,000 each.

“We are extremely disappointed in what transpired last evening at the end of our game,” Browns owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam said in a statement. “There is no place for that in football and that is not reflective of the core values we strive for as an organization.

“We sincerely apologize to Mason Rudolph and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Myles Garrett has been a good teammate and member of our organization and community for the last three years but his actions last night were completely unacceptable. We understand the consequences from the league for his actions.”

Garrett’s attack on Rudolph drew condemnation across the league and sports world.

His disturbing actions will cost the Browns (4-6), who have moved back into the playoff race but must now play the rest of this season without their best defensive player.

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