New Jersey School Installs Bullet Resistant Doors On Classrooms

Mack Rosenberg
August 29, 2019 - 1:02 pm

HARRINGTON PARK, N.J. (WCBS 880) -- One New Jersey elementary school is installing dozens of bullet resistant doors on classrooms for the upcoming year.

The doors are 150 pounds of galvanized steel and bullet resistant glass that can stop a handgun and slow down an AR-15. The doors also feature a 12-point locking system.

"This is the only thing that meets every code, protects the entire classroom - 20 something kids and the teacher - in seconds," said Omer Barnes, who founded REMO Security Doors out of Englewood Cliffs.

Barnes is from Israel where he says these types of doors are common.

"Unfortunately, it's part of life there," Barnes said.

He has made and installed more than 50 of these bulletproof doors in the Harrington Park Elementary School, where his children attend class.

"This was a solution that helped us feel comfortable," said Superintendent Adam Fried. "I do sleep better at night knowing that they are behind these doors."

Barnes is in talks with more school districts  who are interested in the doors. 

He said the feedback has been amazing. One of the teachers thanked him and said she sent pictures of the door to her family.

If it saves one kid's life, he says, he'll be paid more than he can dream. 

Meanwhile on Long Island, the Nassau County Police Department will send plainclothes and uniformed officers to all 450 public schools as they open for the new year next week.

"All of our school buildings have been assessed and personnel in each building has been trained by the Nassau County Police Department for God forbid a possible active shooter or other emergency," County Executive Laura Curran said.

Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said the department is mandating every single police car visit a school a day to make sure the officers know the layout of the building in the event of an active shooter situation. Each patrol car will also be equipped with a tourniquet and breaching tool.

Curran said every public school and most private schools are now equipped with the Rave app which allows administrators and teachers to contact the police with a press of a button on a cell phone.