WATCH: Howie Rose & Wayne Randazzo Talk New York Mets Baseball

WCBS 880 Newsroom
April 01, 2020 - 3:29 pm

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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — As the Mets booth sits dormant with the Major League Baseball season being postponed due to the coronavirus, Howie Rose and Wayne Randazzo couldn't stay away from the mic and got together as many have been doing on Zoom.

From Wayne's beard to missing opening day, the two had a lot to catch up on when they connected Friday — the day after what was was supposed to be the earliest start to the season in baseball history.

"We're just missing baseball just like everybody else," Randazzo said.

"The days have all kind of melded into one lately, but it really did hit me yesterday morning," Rose said, speaking of March 26, which would've been the Mets home opener. "I was a little down, I was a kind of depressed yesterday, it didn't seem real until yesterday that we were missing baseball."

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While Rose tried to scratch the itch by watching old games, it just couldn't fill the void.

With the baseball season up in the air and the nation looking for any hint of normalcy, Randazzo believes the absence of baseball will really be felt once the weather starts warming up.

"It'll continue to hit us especially as it gets warmer in the cold weather cities, in Chicago or especially in New York, as the weather warms up. People are really going to be feeling like, 'Man I should really be at a baseball game or watching a baseball game right now and there aren't any,'" Randazzo said. "To not be there is tough, but it pales in comparison to what all these other people are going through — from the doctors to nurses everybody that's on the frontlines, especially in New York where they're really fighting this thing."

It's not yet know what the season will look like, but Rose says it'll be a great opportunity to experiment and get creative.

"When baseball comes back, and I believe it's when not if this year, that we'll be so excited to have it back, that any of this discussion of how many games creates a legitimate season will be nothing but a bunch of irrelevant hogwash. We'll be celebrating the game as we never had before," Rose said.

Check out the full conversation below and look out for more great videos.